Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Max Attax!

image culled from net reposted as something elseThis is an image of me holding a giant Nuclear-powered Lego Lasergun with Frangible Dichotomizers and 4-way Vertebra Delignifiers, taken a year ago.
Ben helped me build it and it was awesome. But some nice chap out there in Cyberspace has made me into a Match Attax! card - with quite good stats. Ben was impressed.
School was great today until the last minute when I was just getting my going-home bag and Eddie and Stanley totally bundled me into the cupboard and sat on my head. I had to have a Headbanger referral. Due to the oppressive weather I actually got home in the dark.
This was not a great start because at gymnastics I had to do handstands, headstands and dive-rolls so I spent a lot of time upside down or landing on my already concussed cranium.
But on the plus side I had 2 suppers (I love olive bread now) and finished Red Dwarf series 4.

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