Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Truncated Pyramid

Not a bad sleep considering the late night, accepted egg on toast after exploding, babbling and making automatic weapons fire noises for only an hour.
When a day is registered as empty, I like to fill it with my own choice of activity and demanded to go to the Pyramids. This seventies-style waterworld occupies a prime piece of real estate right on the seafront and has been closed for nearly a year following salt water damage sustained during the storms of last winter.
Their website goes on about how much council money they've spent on the refurbishment and we got there with plenty of time to spare. The foyer has a new coffee shop. It also has a big poster saying what they've spent the money on, mostly "behind the scenes" stuff, which in Calabria would mean 95% of the money was skimmed off by the mafia.
Anyway, we were issued with orange wristbands and got changed in the same cold changing rooms with the same rubbish on the floor and the same cracked tiles and rusty bits.
inflatable pool party pyramids southsea gym membershipThe pool was functionally identical but they have definitely installed coloured lights at just below water level. The Cobra waterslide was darker inside, I think they've painted it, and there was much more water in it so you splash more on exit. The blue and green waterslides were exactly the same apart from a squirter 2/3 of the way down, but you can still get stuck if you don't push hard enough.
We did some handstands in the main pool and Bud launched me and I flew through the air gracefully and he even launched Jof which would not have been possible before she went to diet classes. The little pool was closed again and the lifeguard said it was because it wasn't busy enough.
The waterslides still have the old familiar warning sign about do not slide if pregnant etc but half of the letters are still missing so instead of "Green and Blue Flume" you get "GREEI   LUE    FL" which if you ask me is cute.
But we did get super-duper wave alert which went on for ages and I got up close and personal with a girl in bikini corner where the waves crash with extra strength and have been known to cause bikini malfunctions.
But then they closed the waterslides and then they turfed us out of the pool completely and we'd only had 50 minutes. It was because someone had booked an inflatable pool birthday party and we all stood at the side looking at the bouncy castle which looked like a spaceship. It was one of my gymnastics friends that also does Friday cricket.
So we just watched TV all afternoon instead. I'm going to make a Lego gun, possibly a .50 cal sniper rifle.

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