Sunday, 9 November 2014

Praying to someone else's god

milton st james parish portsmouth cub scout groupI absolutely insisted on going to church today for the Remembrance Sunday service with my scout friends. This is why the day started 3 hours early, and after a couple of late nights too. The service went on a bit longer than usual because we had to read out the names of the 214 people killed in the war from our parish. Afterwards I got a biscuit.
parish of milton st james portsmouth remembrance sunday serviceWell, that was pretty well it for the day. Jof did the shopping so I didn't have to, so I started watching Die Hard 3 (the one in New York) and when Jof made us lunch we all watched the rest. Of course, it's Yippee Ki-Yay Feather-Plucker left right and centre all the way through, kinda awkward sitting there with Jof in the room, words like that are not for mummies. But I correctly guessed that the madman on the phone was a relative of Hans Gruber from the first one.
While he ran in the rain I played Jof at "Coppit" which is quite like Ludo and by the time we'd watched our evening episode of Red Dwarf, I was yawning.

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