Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Destruction of Big Ben

funny russian matryoshka doll ultrasound scan cartoonToday, it might be bonfire night but I elected not to go to the giant municipal fireworks display in Cosham because it just seemed like too much effort.
I have attended it for the last several years and taken both Poppy and Ben on various occasions but last time we had to park miles away and wee in a bush and I just couldn't be bottomed.
But I picked Ben up from school anyway and as if by magic, my latest Lego creation is Big Ben. Well, it was just supposed to be a giant tower but with the crenellations, overall shape and square central hole, it does bear a distinct resemblance to our national clock tower.
We had to position it by the chest of drawers and wedge the ladder against the dining table for support in order to lower me into it (which I never thought would happen safely) but in the end, there I was and the boys replaced any humanoids my ingress had dislodged and we posed for a photo before I destroyed it from within, like the 5th columnist I am.
lego big ben giant tower big enough to get inside
Ben joined in the destruction of his namesake and we reduced it to ashes (well, shards). It is mildly ironic that today (November the 5th, remember, remember) is the day when the nation celebrates Guy Fawkes' valiant plot to rid us of politicians by blowing up the houses of Parliament, next to Big Ben. Furthermore, Guy is an old boy of Bud's old school, and had an interest in both chemical explosives and subterranean passages. Coincidence or reincarnation?
It was still sunny and dry outside if nippy so we played football and Swinging Basket Attack for ages with Brandon (Year 3 footballing nut) and then Johnny and Robert, who arrived late because he was at dancing.
He got a little irate when we mentioned this, in case it impugned his masculinity, but we played the best game of football ever! I successfully tackled, like, twice, and scored 2 goals! It was my greatest achievement on the pitch but then it got dark and I had to clear up all that Lego with only 2 adults to help me, while fireworks lit up the night sky. The kitchen floor has been replaced, ok, it's a different colour, might be something to do with Zoe the cleaner.
I declare I'm bad at French. But I do seem to be able to remember my lines from past speeches (total recall) so maybe a future awaits me, treading the boards, duckie.

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