Friday, 14 November 2014

In Need of Children

laws of robotics don't invade spaceToday is Children in Need day again, you can tell because people keep Google-searching the picture of me in my home-made spotty T-shirt a couple of years back.
But my school is choosing to mark it by having a "Hero-Day" where we're all supposed to dress as a fictional superhero of our own invention, unlike those real superheroes out there. Expected themes are "Stop-a-Bully Man", "Clean-Teeth Boy" and "Spread-Love-and-Kindness Woman".
I have chosen to be the Terminator who prunes the wasters, expunges the wretched and deletes the worthless, although I grudgingly admit he's more of an anti-hero, plus I've got the outfit so poo to you.
In the end I came second in my class, the top prize was taken by Ingrid who was "Captain Cheese-Touch". While this may sound highly suspect for an 8 year-old girl, I can explain. "Touch" is a game rather like Tag or It. Someone has the touch and has to pass it on by sampling by physical contact an opponent, as before. But you get to choose what kind of Touch you have, and Ingrid chose Cheese Touch.
lego world joint effort wynter and sylver secret donor siblings
She had a shoulder-gun like the Predator that shoots whiffy gobbets of 6 kinds of cheese, amongst which are blue cheese, human cheese and mouse cheese. Any one of these can give a seriously cheesy discharge to the girls, and boll weevils to the boy victims, and we're not talking cotton bolls here.
At home I was just Legoing when Bud invited a work friend in for tea and her 2 kid girls invaded my room. Normally I am allergic to girlies in the Lego room after Alannah, Destroyer of Worlds, totally ruined everything, and Maisie The Even Younger (sister of LittleMax) broke my Lego helicopter.
But with these 2 it was a case of too many cooks don't spoil the broth 'cos one was dressed as Captain America and we made an entirely adequate world on a grey square and then at snack time I had spinach and ricotta pasta with yogurt and they asked for "ebola cereal" and they ate some of my coco pops in their bowls of cereal which is no problem because I've got bored of coco pops.

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