Monday, 3 November 2014

A Baccalaureate in Bacchanalia

blonde with big tits Not a great start to the day when I turned off my alarm clock and went back to sleep.
It only got better when I got into school and found I'd forgotten it was dress-up day, although to be fair, my Terminator costume was all in the wash anyway. There were an awful lot of Harry Potters, and some Harriet Potters as well.
There is a Superhero dress-up day in a couple of weeks so I'll be an anti-hero and slay the lot of them.
So yesterday Jof wondered out loud whether we needed a Wii in our lives. Thus I spent the rest of the day trying to convince her that we desperately needed one, in fact it was surprising we'd survived this long. I looked "wee" up on the internet but all of Google's search results were ... unhelpful.
The builders have finished the new wondrous quiet area in the playground. Functionally you've got to wonder what's actually changed, it's still got the benches and the roof on stilts but now has astroturf and undulating slopes that are vaguely reminiscent of the Land of Teletubbies.
Still, the plastic-turfed slopes are right by the vertical logs so easy to slip up on in the rain, with the lucky student able to plummet to the asphalt below.
super tall lego tower big enough to fit a human insideJof was home when I got back so we Minecrafted and fed those permanently hungry hayday chickens and then I had an early dinner of chicken Kievs, which served them right.
Ben came round but because of the Lego Tower 'Big Ben', we have no bricks left, so we made silly ships and broke them into pieces.
'Big Ben' is all finished bar the mandatory addition of humanoids who act as armed guards: no tower is finished without an army of Lego minifigures. Also there is one special ingredient to add - given that the structure is over 6 feet tall, can you guess what it is?
For Cub Scouts we met the priest who tried to persuade us to go to church next Sunday and the Scoutmaster said we have an oddly familiar guest exhibitionist next week, some costume and dance act I think.

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