Friday, 28 November 2014

Space Cake Ships. Spaceship Cakes. Did I just say that?

man falls down inspection pit in garage pushing carIn school today we got a visit from a Brownie. No, not a special student party cake but a Girl Guide Brownie which is like a Cub Scout but a girl. And not like any of the perfectly good girls we've got in our Cub Scout section, more like, er, well, I don't know, just different, but the same age.
She told us that she'd been making brownies and I shouted out "O so you've been cooking each other" and the whole class laughed, for I am a comedian. But then she said yes, it was indeed the special student party cake and she explained about dripping the melted chocolate on and not letting it sag in the middle, bit of a sore point in brownie-making apparently.
Remember the ships auction from yesterday? Well, just to prove that I WAS there and I DID try, here's a screenshot from this morning when I was highest bidder for 3 hours. Then, of course, the big boys with the real money woke up and HMS Fearless (Lot 1) finally went for £1450, taking into account that you still have to add the buyer's premium (auctioneer fees) of 15.5% and VAT (sales tax) at 20%.
qinetiq craftsman model ships auctioneers peaker pattinson
Too rich for my blood. It was a crying shame to see the 4.2 metre aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious go for £1149, but there you go, some went for over £3000. OK, so I could have bought several. But could I justify it?
In swimming I got my first ever nosebleed when Connor kicked me in the face. Now, I may not be a rough'n'tumble footballer like Ben or Harry but to go this long without a nosebleed is an achievement. I was so proud.

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