Saturday, 8 November 2014

An Allergy to Blue Vodka

Saw no reason to get up early today and strongly resisted all orders to get dressed. While the adults swept the yard I minecrafted and generally slobbed around. My bid for a pyjama day failed at 2pm when he announced I had to go shopping but I was saved by the phone.
boys balancing on chair showing bottomsBensMum had experienced a severe allergic reaction to some dodgy unlicensed blue vodka which was great for me as I got a Ben to play with and didn't need to walk anywhere, in fact I could have reverted to a pyjama state. We got the Lego Heroes out and made a huge mess and turfed Jof out of the TV room. We wouldn't keep still for a picture so here are our bottoms.
I got more than 4 hours of Ben and then obediently tidied all the Lego up again, this having-a-cleaner lark is really changing my life forever. As before, having lots of free time means you run out of it so I didn't get Bath Fizzer Night but I did get Film Night and chose 1975 movie classic "Jaws" in which lots of people get eaten, hurrah, and Jof kept saying don't watch this bit but I kept saying rewind and watch it again.

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