Saturday, 1 November 2014

Rum, Monopoly and the Lash

charity shop purchase of lego all over the floorThe weekend at last, I really must get back to school so I can relax. Wandered out of bed nine-ish and ordered up a big plate of omelette.
Amazingly for November it was not freezing cold so we walked to 3 parks, bought a boxful of Lego for £4 and generally grooved seriously. My Lego tower should now be complete, just a matter of adding all the humanoids and a few decorations.
moobs on 8 year old boyIt does not use up ALL the blocks, but certainly most of them, until we remembered the big pile of new Lego on the floor, and completed 11 new layers of tower using only the 8s and 4s. A builder's work is never done.
 From there we did an hour's football in the park, neither of us wearing shirts. Some people may have thought we were mad, but you can never have too many compliments of that nature. Had fishcakes for lunch at 440, as you do.
Problem is, I want Bath Fizzer Night, Film Night and Monopoly Night. There just aren't enough nights in the night. But then I failed to eat my lunch because I was too busy watching TV with my mouth open and my brain closed so Film Night was cancelled, order of Jof.
In Monopoly I'm still not a decent negotiator.

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