Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Crazy Paving ain't all it's cracked up to be

how a pregnant woman feels fat with saggy titsToday one of my few Xmas presents has arrived, the Harry Potter DVD box set. I feel safe in the knowledge that it is my reward for reading all seven HP books, and blissfully unaware that my reward for having read all 7 books is ... to have read 7 books. I really must get some nicer parents.
I handed out all the leftover party invitations and half the class said they wanted to come as well, apart from the twins who said they can't swim.
boy using tablet and pc to play minecraftIn another leisure time earning task, I finished my maths homework so I could Minecraft. This entails watching a Youtube video of someone building components of a sandstone mansion and copying their every move onto my tablet. What I really need is 73 hours in a day, with possibly as many as 5 set aside for sleep.
In gymnastics I sustained multiple head injuries again because of limited tumbling skills and weak arms which collapse my wave function just when I'm vertical.

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