Friday, 7 November 2014

Bomb Banging Bonanza

milton common moorings way reclaimed landhigh school kids touching electric fence funny shockSheltered inside today from all the rainstorms, lucky that my school can afford a roof.
Brought Harry back afterwards and this time he didn't abscond on his scooter and we built Lego attack ships, is there any other kind? Also we threw the small Barbie-style doll thing at each other. It came to me in a random bag of Lego from a charity shop and I elected to keep it to represent the enemy in any game requiring one. Get your retaliation in first ...
bunk beds and toys all over the floormilton common grasslandsAfter swimming I headed to Bens' place to let off fireworks and other bombs. They'd already started when we got there but I joined in and we ran up and down with illuminated light sabres and guns and guitars hypnotizing each other while the men let off small and disappointing fireworks while the girls criticised them and the ladies stayed the other side of the road and talked.
Inside we had food and watched various films while the adults had beer and talked too loudly. Every now and then one would come in and look at us but we chased them away.
Bed was welcome after the long walk home.

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