Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Water Babies

den made of blankets sheets chairs and boxesSunday! I got up nice and late and ate only half of my breakfast because I stared at the TV and it went cold and nasty. Nobody told me it would do that. Later I did chores for Lego money - including dusting and cleaning the bathroom floor.
We were just about to go and get Pops for the promised trip to the Pyramids when she turned up alone! I am not allowed out on my own because I don't pay attention to things like roads, they are things that happen to other people. But Pops is, because she's more sensible and anyway Baby Edward was asleep and she only has to go over one set of traffic lights and it's got the magic button.
She got changed on her own as well, handy as we're not allowed in the girlie section.
We swam and laughed and had races down the waterslides and did handstands and somersaults underwater and he threw us and we climbed on him and we jumped in with a variety of silly actions like the cowboy on the roof getting shot and falling off, but Pops did pikes and straddles and tucks and all sorts of proper stuff. She made me go on the Sidewinder (red dragon waterslide) and I really didn't want to but I couldn't wimp out in front of her and then we all loved it and went round and round.
writing warning signs for denWe got 2 wave alerts and stayed in for so long we got the Super-Duper Wave Alert! We clung onto the railing in the most wavey bit and at the end our arms were like noodles - flaccid, floppy and the colour of milky tea.
We both used the hairdryers afterwards and immediately got wet again as it was raining. So obviously she had to stay for dinner to warm up and I certainly warmed her up in my special den. She loved it so much we spent ages writing out 6 terrifying warning signs to keep people out. All come with a variety of gurning faces, gargoyles, hanged men, faces crossed out etc. They may highlight some psychological issues .....
1. Keep out! This is are house so keep out or elas! Do you think you are being wtwt? be scard!
2. Doom! Don't come in ore you will be sorry! you will die and be bones forever. you're being whatched ore are you, you are a stupid lump dust and you will be a fatso from now on! you will be dead.
3. Welcome to dead land. your doomed! Ahah! your dead! Doom!
4. Bearwor of danger! You are being whatched watchced or are you?
5. enter with password! Knock on here! Door!
6. Dear People Never every come in or eales! because don't come in! or will you like to die. Do you think that people are waching you? Just wait and see. Never ever come in! poo face

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