Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Goodbye Grandma

ah cheaters undertakers romsey black mariaGot up at 10am. It's what I'd do every day, given the chance, but I'd be going to bed at 11 to make up for it.
I had to wear smart clothes and a tie and we drove to Grandad's place where we picked him up just when Grandma drove round the corner for the last time. It wasn't far to the 14th Century church but it was quite muddy and difficult to park. Many horses viewed our progress putting the fun back in funeral.
Dead on time the 4 strong men picked up the coffin and carried it in and we followed on and the church was full already.
In the foyer was a very old wooden ladder leading up into the church tower but we didn't get to go up it. We stood right at the front next to the chap playing the electric organ and sang a lot of songs I didn't know. Bud did a poem and I did a little speech* and the priest did a long speech and we all got stiff bottoms on the pews but we did have to keep standing up for the songs. Then at last the priest did the ashes to ashes thing and we all filed out of the church and waved goodbye to Grandma.
bereaved at funeral
Team M
Back at the manor the dining room was all decked out for the NADGER** bunfight and all the people from the church were there and I got to eat as many sandwiches as I wanted and lots of old people asked me questions and said I did my speech really well and I only knew 4 people in the whole room but they all seemed to know me.
The next youngest person in the room was Bud so Jof challenged me to chess in the painting and games room and we didn't know the rules so made them up.
Eventually everyone left and we took Grandad back to his flat and I got a bath-brush and played on Grandma's electric chair that goes back and the legs lift up and everything. At 6 something we left Grandad on his own with his tray of vol-au-vents and mince pies that the staff had saved for him. I am pleased to have attended my first real actual funeral.
*Goodbye Grandma, we will never forget you and you shall live on in those to whom you have given life
** National Assembly of Deaf Geriatrics and Elderly Relatives

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