Monday, 2 December 2013

Footballers and Fairies

sleeping rifle huntsman has lunchbox stolen by hungry deer funny failToday the Year 4s were playing football in the playground during first break and there was an argument about a handball and the guy that got the yellow card said no to the teacher, you can have it back and the rest of them had a big handbag push-shove and 4 other teachers came over and said calm down mateys and the boys said poo to you, no we won't. This has earnt the whole of Year 4 a week with no football, which is excellent for us Year 3s as we will have the place to ourselves.
We did the first rehearsal of the Jesus Play and we only got 1/4 of the way through and half the main characters were missing presumed in maths class so a bit of a farce there.
beaver scouts swapping match attax card collecting gameMeanwhile, the Raffle Prizes from the Fayre-to-Middling event last Friday were handed out. I did not win a prize. But James (just recently been promoted to Cub Scouts from my Beaver Group) won a prize and so he went up to collect it in front of the whole class and it was a very pink Fairy Twinkletoes Storybook Box Set Collection, heavy on the pink, with Disney Fantasy Glittery Magic overtones and extra unicorns, did I mention just how pink it really was.
milton st james 5th portsmouth scout troopEverybody laughed a lot and James (who is quite an angry boy anyway) went even pinker and angrier.
Ben came round eventually armed with some Match Attax! cards to swap. I sold him a K. Gibbs for 6 cards, so he could stick it in his Arsenal. We scooted though the park chased by the Unknown Assailant with the giant torch and box of Snappits/Fun Snaps/grenades to throw at us as we scooted. That was when my second pair of shoes that day were too small. What is happening to my shoes?
Blue Bird announced that Ben and I were to transmogrify into Cub Scouts in the new year. I heard this news in socks, which is why I'm 6 inches shorter than him, honest.

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