Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Nanna has Landed

family together for xmasThe storm of last night put a few trees down over railway lines, flooded areas, cut power to other areas, and generally caused a bit of ruction in the lead-up to Xmas, particularly for all those travelling.
This was expected and the news channels were going on and on about it so when Nanna had serious trouble getting here, it was a surprise. In the end she got 2 trains and a bus or was it 3 trains and a camel, difficult to tell when she switches her phone off.
african made wooden elephant and palm tree pedestal lampBut in the end she landed safely and I bombarded her with things to look at, games to play, high-speed babble and so forth.
I was her Satan's Little Helper and then I demanded we all watch Strictly Come Dancin'.
Meanwhile the old Elephant lamp has been rebuilt and a special parcel has arrived, it's all flat.
While we were all out of the room, the house poltergeist knocked the Lead Zeppelin (see 2 days ago) off the top shelf, putting a serious dent in the desk.

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