Sunday, 22 December 2013


bransbury park portsmouthWe were all woken up by Grandad who rang at 0915 to wish Bud a happy birthday. And I thought he was retired, ringing at the crack of dawn like that.
We decided on a trip to the park because I want to run to get fit and also get football skills training. Tunnel Park does both, so I ran for about 100 yards and declared that to be sufficient.
mountain of wood chips for soft landing flying through the airOnce Jof had gone home we did some parkour in the park and then I made one of those little rugby divots out of wood chips so I could take a penalty. It worked quite well so I made it bigger.
The pile grew and grew and we shouted "More on! Put more on!" and we put more on and more on, we were the moron team. By absolute coincidence, the volcano of wood chips happened to be right in front of a swing, so I did that as well, we had to make a second pile as I flew too far, like Icarus, I was.
Of course I then went swimming on Woodchip Mountain so as soon as we got home, I had to change completely again. This is why Jof never wins at laundry.
Later, it hailed.

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