Saturday, 28 December 2013

I spy ... Aqueous Humour

prince albert road playpark portsmouthI'm getting up later and later. You know the old fallacy about humans having a circadian rhythm of 26 hours, given the chance? Well, I reckon I could go to bed 2 hours later every night and get up 2 hours later every day, it'd take me 12 days to complete a cycle, next time I've got 2 weeks off I might try it. Would that mean I was only 11 days older?
So anyway, after some Lego Castle we scooted to Health Centre Park. I wanted running-type exercise, for a while there we actually went up a slope, didn't know we had them in Pompey.
But the rain was too cold, unfunny water.
Later, Erin visited me to see my new scooter and she has bought horses with her Xmas money super-splurge and had her ears stapled, although you can't tell because she has way better hair than me. I don't think I'll wear earrings yet.
But she did help install some more guards and frogs and sharks on the castle, everybody loved it.
kids making giant lego castleLater, as part of the standard 5 hours per day family quality time, we all scrabbled around on the floor getting parts for Lego Humanoids and jointly made about 110 new warriors for the outer curtain walls and a new NSA spy aerial radar snooping tower and I did the Soviet May Day Kings Parade of all my tanks and boats and nuclear missiles and stated that we had to save local wildlife as they are a good source of clean energy. What I need next is a Ben and a JB maybe, to help me make more soldiers - for a while there, it was "I don't care if it's Zombie Father Christmas with a fireman's hat waving a coffee mug and a fish at the approaching enemy, I want every available man on the battlements, show the Fuzzy-Wuzzies we're not scared, Carruthers"
Bath fizzer night next... should be funny water. Tomorrow at about 1735 (just in time for second Neighbours): I will be 8. In the end I opted for showertime and extra Lego - if only I had a hobby ...

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