Sunday, 29 December 2013


lego police helicopter police van museum break in 60008Was still awake at 1 minute past midnight so saw in my own birthday. Got up again several hours later, more excited than I was at Xmas.
This time I got Lego City Museum Break-in and Police chase. The museum has diamonds, gold plates, Mona Lisa picture, gargoyles and a liftable skylight for easy breaking and entering. The robbers have a jeep thing and the police chase them in a meat wagon and helicopter with working searchlight. Oh, and a £50 note which means I can afford the Lego Millennium Falcon.
waterslides wave machine 3 pools pyramids waterparkMy official trip out was to the Pyramids again and we were there late enough to witness the majesty of Super-Duper Wave Alert and I hung onto the rail and then went in Bikini-busting corner where the sheer force of the water can cause wardrobe malfunctions, certainly made my trunks fall down a bit. I am getting better at handstands, but bumped my head on the pool bottom just like him last week.
Didn't fancy cooking so had Chicken McNiblets and chips, fine fare for the birthday boy.
I get measured every birthday and quarterly thereafter: I have not grown one single solitary mm since September. I'm just saving it up...

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