Tuesday, 10 December 2013


spiderman zippo brass cigarette lighter labelled supermanIt is the beginning of the Temporal Twinkle-Tornado season, where time is a whirlwind of events bobbing and overlapping, twisting and turning and generally making everything complicated, lucky I don't like beer yet or I'd never be able to cope.
Scouts has finished for the year. Today: the school Xmas dinner! It was awesome and I now officially like stuffing although I called it turkey filling. I only left a bit of lumpy thick gravy (the way I like it) round the edge and this was witnessed so I can't say I don't like it later.
Almost as soon as we'd got back, we drove back to my school to deliver a coffin full of art-related goodies for the art department. I have an afternoon snack so that I don't totally starve between lunch and supper, which is usually late due to my unceasing extra-curricular activities. This one was last night's sausage and noodle leftovers, reheated in a Tupperware container, eaten in the car - it's all about presentation and style. I polished it off and Ben was coming out of the school as we arrived so we met on the pavement, gyrated happily and he sang "I am the Pink Princess", why not, fairy nuff, he has the legs for it.
match of the day football cards in binder
I am under orders to swap all my excess Match Attax cards before any more are purchased. So Jof bought me 2 packets. I opened the first one; all 10 were duplicates. This was heartbreaking. The second packet could not have been any worse so I opened it to find all 10 were newbies! What is going on with this product? Perhaps I should buy 2 lottery tickets as well. I now have 25 cards to swap.
Today was also my last gymnastics of the year as we won't make it back from the funeral in time. I still didn't get Badge #4, still that pesky 'Frog balance' holding me back from international leotard fame.

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