Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Chris T. Ingles

padlocked wooden shipping crate us army base things are about to get seriousToday we performed the play in front of the entire school. Yesterday when I was off work, my understudy (sheep from manger scene) took my place so the show went on.
christingle orange candle red ribbon cocktail sticks raisinsWe made christingles and as soon as school was out I raced home straight past Ben in order to call Ben and the JBs for some Legotime.
Predictably this failed to materialize and I spent a profitable afternoon doing nothing while housework was performed around me.
meon junior school xmas presents for charity shoeboxesI dictated chapter 3 of Super Nappy which is the book that Ben and Finlay and I are co-authoring. In this episode, Super Nappy battles a bank robber. Later, we made a little production line for Brazil and walnut processing. He cracks, I separate. We are the nutcrackers, sweet.
In school we have asked parents and local businesses alike to donate toys and essentials for Romanian orphans etc and we gathered shoeboxes of goodies for their Xmas presents. I got to be one of the 3 official school posers. That nice boy Elvis got his moves from me.

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