Friday, 27 December 2013

An Englishman's Home

attic conversion kids bedroomLast up again, what's wrong with 0945? Poor old Jof had to go to work today, one of those silly days-in-the-middle-of-a-holiday, like an isolated island of pain. Once I'd performed for the Laundrette Ladies (£23? That's a lotta laundry), we were free to start on the Table Castle.
Yesterday, we'd put all the Lego away. Now, we got it right back out again and planned our campaign. I want a central castle with gold storage facility and throne room, he has planned to do the Ribblehead viaduct in Yorkshire, after last night's film The Sightseers, which Jof didn't let me watch.
It was all experimental anyway, turns out that because of the sheer size of the road network, if you do decent bridge supports @ 20 nobs wide, you run out of bricks by the time you've got your first train across. However it does mean you can hang a minifigure from the in-built gibbet.
castle lego building clone troopers vs droidekas 75000 ninjago the final battle 70500Then, after lunch, it was time to visit LittleMax in his new house. They moved at around the same time we did but are still painting. Their house has many rooms. It goes up to the 2nd floor and has a decked garden with pretend gate that opens right onto the railway and some unexpected cupboards and Sam the prodigal older brother and Maisie the insane younger sister and they were all wearing onesies apart from Sam who had only just got up so was in boxers.
We played squeakchase and hide'n'seek and ate lots of sugar-heavy snacks.
In LittleMax's room, there is a strange cupboard-style wormhole door that leads through to the upper lounge which is where Sam is sleeping until he goes to Australia so we flew his electric helicopter through the wormhole and it got stuck in a shoe and boy did we laugh.
bespoke lego building table wooden dining table in bedroomThen they all came back to mine to snoop around our place because they haven't seen it since we had things like paint, floorboards and beds.
They all wanted to play Lego on my conference table, what a surprise. Conference table? Named by Jof, it is a central meeting place where serious like-minded people gather to work on a joint project of gravitas and import.
So we dismantled the Romanesque structure and went for a more traditional outer curtain wall and inner keep. The circumference is impressive, ladies, but we still managed 6 layers and a lighthouse and guard towers and inner sanctum with strongroom and guardhouse.
We still have 4 1/2 acres of Lego on the floor so expect an improvement.

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