Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Scooters, Sharks and Scratchcards

excited boy wil xmas presents to openDecided to have 5 minutes more in bed, and was the last up. This may make me the odd child out in the whole galaxy, on Xmas morning.
Soon, started to order everyone around and in no time, Satan's little Elfer had all the presents done into piles and we all started opening.
milton park skatepark portsmouth christmas morningI got loads of Lego, the giant lifeboat that actually floats comes with 3 sharks and the scooter is way bigger than the last one and my scratchcards won £4 and Jof's didn't win any even though I helped by grabbing them from her and scratching them myself. The flat parcel turned out to be 10 sheets of Lego flat bases - with road on!
We tried out the scooter in the park and it's smoother and quieter, I look forward to meeting up with the rest of the PuddleBoys in case any of them have developed new scooters for Xmas. Mine is a Razor A5Lux, if that means anything to you, and the wheels are much much bigger so the bumpy pavements and that block of granite where you go into the park where both Ben and I came off going round the corner are no longer threats. The skatepark was a bit damp but I scooted through it anyway.
xmas lunch tree crackers empty plates cranberry jelly drunk grandmaJof and Nanna spent 7 3/4 hours preparing Xmas lunch. OK, so I didn't eat any cranberry jelly or swede (or Dane) but came back 3 times for meat, potatoes and incredibly, carrots. Nanna is an old hand at deviously inserting ideas ("Try the turkey nearest the bone, it's much juicier..." and I finished last because I was trying to internally rupture myself with food overload. Gravy just makes the stuffing nicer and I won the eaters contest.
Then because Nanna had had a Bailey's and a wine, she started singing and we watched Toy Story 3 with a sleeping Nanna and Bud did 7 3/4 hours of washing up and we lit the fire and what more do you need.
Happy non-denominational mid-Wynter Feast event to you all, my little beauties, I hope you did as well as I did.
Later Jof decided we had to eat again, unbelievably she was right. After much karate-laughter the fire went out but my mania didn't.
Love to all.

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