Thursday, 26 December 2013

Random as you like

One of the presents I got in my Xmas stocking was a baby seal teddy thing, very soft and cuddly. Now, if I was a thinking man, I might be tempted to buy a few of these, string them together around my neck, and go to the New Year's Eve party as a seal clubber, and do all that funky club dancing.
So gradually the household woke up and there was jam on toast and Nanna. It is her day for going home and there aren't any trains at all, because of laziness not fallen trees, so it was Jof's task to drive her home. We made leaded-light drawings on tracing paper which you stick to your windows to look nice and I babbled 10 to the dozen to make up for the time I'll spend without Nanna. I also built my Lego Coastguard ship.
One of the presents I got was 10 large Lego flats with road on. Some are curved, some have zebra crossings and one has a junction. You can make a decent circuit with it. But if you put them on the floor to do a castle or whatever, it moves around and you get tired knees. Now, if I was a thinking man, I might be tempted to buy some old second-hand table and glue the road system to it, so that everyone could gather round and build.
lego grey road system and lego city coastguard vessel with lighthouse and sharks
So off we went to B+Q. I scooted: he ran. B+Q don't sell tables. But they do have loads of free Xmas trees outside in case your calendar is running a week slow. So we took the long way round to the park and suddenly saw a sign for Mr Pine. He was open, but I don't think it's his real name. He had a funny accent but not like those nice Lithuanian Meerkats in the advert. He showed us some truly lovely dining tables in the £180 - 250 region but we said look we just want to glue Lego to it, not eat dinner off it. He said I've just sold £1000 worth of furniture to some crowd down the road and I took their dining suite in part exchange sight unseen, you can have the table for £20. We said boffo, mush, we'll have some of that action and the van turned up and they opened the doors and there was this dining table. Mr Pine said Crumbelina me old teapot and no mistake, that's a better table than I thought it was, but I already promised. Bung the delivery guy (who was clearly his son) a tenner and he'll drive you home.
Well we jumped at this chance. I got to ride in the front of a van again, my scooter went in the back. We reassembled it, drew the outline of the road track and put down the super-grabbo-matic epoxy resin superglue and held it down with Mr Men books until it was dry. OK, so the glue job isn't super-professional, but maybe my friends can help me build shark towers on new years' eve. If all else fails, we can just chuck a blanket over it and live there.

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