Monday, 9 December 2013

Dustbin Beaver Sings!

a pooh friction is very interesting piglet rising and falling in front of the pooh
Diverted on the way home from school to buy a Xmas present for Jof. It's amazing what you can buy in petrol stations.
boy on scooter tries to impress schoolgirl in pink coatOn the way back I saw my favourite splash of pink which is Kate-Lynn and Emily, the 2 half-French (and the right half, too) girls from my old school. They saw me waiting and flapped their way up the street and we chattered and babbled like chipmunks on Twinkies. These girlie animals aren't so bad. I did some homework which was writing out my spelling words using my left hand: I did not do very well.
bluebird beaver scout lining up children for christmas presentsToday is the final Beaver Patrol of the year, the Xmas party. Ben was late but admired my 18ct gold fob-watch chain, I'm surprised he hasn't got some himself. We got all the den equipment out but than had to leave. We didn't have to wear scout uniform and we played games with hoops and funny shaped balls and had hot dogs downstairs in the church refectory and I only had the sausage.
Then we lined up and got a present from Baloo who was being Father Xmas but he didn't dress up either. When I got home Jof made me supper which was sausages. There are already 4 presents under the tree.

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