Thursday, 5 December 2013

Ducking and Diving, Bobbing and Weaving

win a nobel prize by disproving evolution religious maniacs fail funnyI don't get a moment's rest. The minute I got back, we had to go out again for errands, I paid in a cheque to my personal banker Jof, we did a drive-by dumping at the charity shop and I hid in the car while he talked dirty to the girlies in the laundrette. Should be talked clean, logically.
This is why we were late for Thursday park. Now, my joint Xmas and birthday present from Grandad arrived yesterday, but we were all at work so the courier left it at the shop over the road, who kept it for us until today.
lanco tara seiko he jones new milton pulsar arnex wristwatchesIt's really obvious when a large box appears in the office called "A5 Razor Kick Scooter", I wonder what I'm getting for Xmas?
I played football in the dimly lit park and I crooned Nachtmusik from Mozart while the wallies did volleys. I tried to join in but I'm a bit pants and they have to keep making allowances for me.
We did have a couple of kick-each-other angrily games, but I'm just not big enough to compete so have to content myself with shouting orders and telling on everyone.
Later I laid claim to all the cheap watches from Great-Grandad's box of assortiment. We found a couple of hallmarked ones but all the rest are "Dollar" watches so they're mine.

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