Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Bagsy First Dibs

women swimming naked and imaginary alligator funnyAwoken surprisingly, by him not her. Therefore we got to school early enough to play with my friends.
Today was the scheduled day for Bud to take Obscure Cousin Margaret to go through Grandma' clothes. She had a lot of clothes. For someone with no registered income, she had to have several cupboards built-in to their old house, and some new chests of drawers in the new place.
However she no longer needs them and lots were binned or put ready for the charity shop van to collect.
Obscure Cousin Margaret had first Dibs on the clothes and personal effects so Bud had to drive her home with a bootful of clobber including a wheelchair, a tapestry picture of St George sewn by Equally Obscure Great-Aunt Cousin Twice Removed Olive (a nun, also deceased) and about 37 pairs of gloves.
Meanwhile, I opened my lunchbox to find a packet of Match Attax! cards, not so strong on the vitamins but great on fun! Turns out that the young man with the permanent Movember moustache in the special shop in Cosham that had been selling us 2 for £1 had been getting it wrong, when his Dad Mr Gandu-Chodr got back, he put an end to the error. We shall never return.
deceased persons belongingsOnce I got home, Jof and I made cutting-and-sticking people in armour although I quickly switched to making guns that shoot peace and love. Then he got back and we looked through the bag of booty.
Someone in the dim and distant family loved watches: all cheap. Someone somewhere was a Freemason (apart from Oxfordshire Grand Dragon the Colonel) as we now have their jewel. And there were some more medals and strange things, which is what we do best.
Jof helped me with my times tables, gotta beat Erin.....

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