Friday, 6 December 2013

Double Pun Iteration (No pun intended)

russian tank crashes into lamp post funny failHad a major sadness event on the way to school, all Jof's fault. But it was of such hithertofore unseen magnitude that I could not recall it by hometime.
Today we had extra breaktime because teachers from all the local schools came over to enjoy an Xmas lunch with our teachers - but my old school was not represented. This made me sad as I could not say hello, for all ex-teachers love to be accosted when not on duty.
clothes in black bin liners for charity shop collection
Your life in 27 binbags
Today Bud took yet another day off work to help Grandad. This time it was to bag up all Grandma's clothes ready for the charity shop van to take away. I got some soaps (floral) out of the deal, to add to the armful of wristwatches yesterday. Not kidding, the pink soap was delicate on my junior skin as well as fun to see how much would wear away, mm.
It's amazing how bright various gold and silver items come up if you polish them with Brasso or Silvo or Goldo or Pewtero or Unknown-base-metalo!
In a fit of generosity, I was given £1 for Match Attax! cards. Out of the packet of 10, 9 were duplicates! Must be those Match Surrendaz! cards I've heard so much about in French classes.....
Then they left me to my own devices for hours, something about and potential presents. I set up my own Karate forwards-roll gymnastico-assault course using every cushion in the lounge, why are they shouting at me? We may never know.

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