Sunday, 1 December 2013

Honey I shrunk the Family

magnum of prosecco fizz for new years eveGrandma has left us. Her loss has shrunk our limited family even more, although it represents a rise in our average height, technically. The hieroglyphs were on the wall for the poor old girl, bless 'er little orthopaedic socks.
I may only be 7, but I have known her all my life and I do recognise her absence: she was the one that taught me the recorder, bacon fat recycling, countryside appreciation, how silly my male germ line really is, and so much more.
We all went shopping today. I enjoy Giant Tesco in Havant because it's so big I can get lost in it and they have a good selection of Lego for me to drool over. Later, while he ran, Jof and I went to the 99p shops in North End and got lots more Xmas decorations and a big bottle of fizzy grape juice for New Year.
We've put them all up now, decking the halls gaily. Jof helped me make a yellow paper fairy for the top of the tree and I gave it a silly face.

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