Saturday, 21 December 2013

Adverse Weather Conditions: Lead Zeppelin

big waves on southsea beachUp at 0945, but still had to let Jof lie in for hours. Yesterday was her Friday too.
Managed to get out of the house for 1130 and drove to Southsea where we toured the charity shops, who, I've noticed, are charging practically full price for boxed Lego. Still, bought 9 bath fizzers and some more Horrible Henries and 2 Lego Minifigures so all was not lost. In one shop we saw 2 mostly-full Match Attax! card binders and a tinful of loose cards - could have had the lot for £9. But they were from DIFFERENT SEASONS! I didn't know they had other seasons!
So why did he have to spoil it by saying let's go and pick up number rocks? We parked at the Pyramids and I stayed in the car to scare away the traffic wardens but he came back and said you gotta see this. So we battled through blustery gales and giant puddles and the bit of beach where we would normally go number-rock hunting was under massive attack by gargantuan waves.
If we'd gone down there we would have been "Police are today trying to establish the identities of 2 bodies washed up on Brighton beach" and all the giant rocks had been moved about and the waves splashed us even though we were up on the railings. King Canute wouldn't even have tried. It was rather funny though so we stayed and watched for 20 minutes but we were soaked with seawater, both salty and faulty. Got one number rock with somebody's name in it that had been washed over the wall.
airship shape made out of molten lead in mould lead zeppelinGot home and sang 'Hot pasta food, hot pasta food' at Jof while getting totally naked and changing clothes completely. We ate our hot pasta food and I played Match Attack cards while Jof voluntarily went shopping on the last Saturday before Xmas which she always says she'll never do again and he got an old saucepan and cooked some lead we saved from when we had the roof replaced.
We had a Blue Peter (here's one I made earlier) clay mould and we poured molten lead into it until it was full. Join 2 of these together and what do you get? A lead Zeppelin. Pretty obvious what to make, really. I like their music anyway, and now I've got something for arm exercises, it's over 6kg.
warming toes fireside with boxes of broken chopped wood
In the garage we have all the bits of wood saved from when we had the house rebuilt so I got the 2 1/2 pound lump hammer and did Hulk Smash on them and the pallet I nicked from Bud's work and jumped around going raaaarg I am Thor's Hammer and then we lit the fire and I warmed my toes for I deserve it. It's a bit 'Fire - Lite' after the bonfires that we used to have in the old house when the Space Shuttle used to calibrate their instruments from the infra-red plume we emitted, but I wouldn't do without it.
After pizza supper (Rodrigo, Concierto Di Aranjuez adagio) I particularly chose a Mozart CD and finished the ongoing game of Risk by killing Jof and then successfully attacking Bud (owned Australia only) with 45 armies, that's the way to totally take over the tri-Earth area.
And we haven't even got to bath fizzer night yet....
Fizzed majestically and sadly had to register a score-draw in our ongoing post-ablution punch-up, he may be bigger than me but I am fast and vicious. To bed about 10 minutes before his 44th birthday.

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