Friday, 20 December 2013

The Friday at the end of the Universe

lolcat puppy dog catches bone and falls over funny failAt last! The end of the week, end of my first Year 3 school term at the new school and by the time I go back, it will be a new year, I will be 8 and a multi-millionaire. All we can hope for now is snow...
I did my show'n'tell which was the funeral service pamphlet from 3 days ago, ie why I was off work that day. I couldn't remember my own speech so I read out Bud's poem instead (much longer) and I got an actual round of applause, not the usual thing for a show'n'tell.
We left with joy in our hearts and chocolate upon our lips. What with the later swimming time, Fridays mean extra relaxation time. I had to play water polo again which is splendid but I'm a little ... little so I can't always reach.
dismantling old keyboards for spare partsEvery now and then I do something that I bet none of my mates do, such as filling up a cashpoint, sticking large fireworks upside down into the bonfire, or secretly wearing £800 of antique gold to the school play.
Today we used screwdrivers to remove the keys from 3 discarded keyboards (classic black, white (not quite) and elderly IBM yellow). This is for an unspecified future project that I really hope works. More on this later.
During the summer, we had finally cottoned on to the regular and utterly excellent Puddlers cricket match get-together on Fridays. During the high-season, they have barbecues and league matches and international events and star visitors and so forth but in the winter months it seems that the Puddlers group has been keeping the bar alive.
star wars walker rudolph the red nose reindeer t shirt
The cricket itself has long finished due to darkness at our arctic latitudes but the beer'n'pool games have continued aplenty, it's like our own personal pub. We turned up and it looked like nobody was there. Fortunately we were 10 minutes early as well as 3 months late and they all joined us and we played football outside while Beer'O'Clock occurred and there were tussles and goals and fruity drinks and crisps and battles and pool and my goodness me why did we not do this earlier.
Home late for massive tuna pasta and engorged tummies.

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