Monday, 23 December 2013


rolf harris rolfaroo doodle facepalm failAt last, a registered day off. Jof left for work and I failed to get dressed.
I was just getting into my stride for a whole day of fiddling with my Match Attax! cards when a fatal design flaw was noticed in the beta stage of costume production.
Our New Year's Eve PuddleParty is 'Bad taste' dress-up so I'm sure all the adults will be as polite and restrained as ever. Bud is going (staying?) as little-known children's favourite antipodean artist 'Rolf' so requires a beard and a T-shirt with Rolfy-type doodles and phrases, to save actually having to remember them or have any drawing talent. The Rolfaroo is relatively acceptable but the word 'Didgeridoo' failed and ruined the whole T-shirt, it's what happens if you don't plug your brain in. So that's why we had to go out, to buy shirts.
asda bridge centre portsmouthThe bus was ages because it's the busiest shopping day before Xmas, apparently and we could have swum faster, let alone walked. But we got to big ASDA just when 58,000 other people did so we bought 2 cheapo T-shirts and 3 jogging bottoms for me, in case I ever go jogging. It was quite busy.
After another 2 hours of extended slobbery, The JBs arrived for scheduled Lego. I have been looking forward to this for ages and their Dad made a big song and dance about how naughty they were and we could leave them in the rain if need be, didn't know he was so musical.
large lego collection bricks blocksAnyway, it was a total disaster as usual, we built a massive Lego track with all the humanoid heads as guard minion-spies and camped in the newly rebuilt 8-seater den and sang to each other and sent Bobert to get biscuits for us and if it wasn't for the singing biscuits you wouldn't have known we were there.
Musical Dad came and got them (late, due to unforeseen Xmas traffic, fine by us) after 3 lovely hours of Lego with added helicopters and raarg noises. Meanwhile, the weather turned to absolute poo and we were snugasbuggerinrugs. Jof risked being swept out to sea when she went shopping and I remodelled the Carry on up the Khazi railway and it's a wonderful life. With only shortish breaks for food and showers, the 7 people in my head and I carried on Lego-ing for hours. Tomorrow: Nanna!

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