Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year's Eve 2013

triangle scooter razor scooter stunt and pumpI'd been up for 4 minutes when Ben summoned me to the skatepark to compare new scooters. It was raining but we are seasoned and hardened Parkers and are not put off by mere wetness.
I have a fat Razor scooter with big wheels. Ben has a stunter with little wheels that doesn't fold and he can scoot straight down the gentle slopes but he did rather crash on the steep slope. Then the JBs arrived and Bob has a hilarious pump-action scooter with a chain and you rock forwards and backwards to make it go very fast.
Johnny has a normal one and his Mum has the triangular one where you have to wiggle your bum like an ovulating chicken and we all swapped and tried each other's out in a scooter parade.
flooded skatepark puddle games
What was it like? Well, circuit and see, he said so we all did circuits in the rain and we were the Puddlers in the giant puddles and then we found the deep one and we all tried out how much of our wheels we could hide underwater and Erin arrived and we all got wet and played a game where the slopes were safes in bases with ticking bombs and all the usual stuff really.
Ben took me home and suicided face-first into a really big muddy lake and we had to get naked in the kitchen for a complete change of clothes and he borrowed my pants and liked my Lego Castle-Table.
girl in gorilla suitLater I picked up my Lego Millennium Falcon from the shop. It's fair to say I got quite excited.
Party-time: I was determined to wear a tie and came to my own party as a bent Roulette Croupier.
drunken child at new years eve partyBen was a BMX rider (deceased) and we also had 2 gorillas, an Open University lecturer, Rolf Harris, Cat Lady (catless), Maggie Thatcher and Olivia Neutron Bomb (later life).
halloween balloonsI think we all had an argument or cry at some point, I made an anti-nasty person hiding-castle behind the sofa and we fought over the walkie talkies and the girls locked themselves in the toilet and we didn't destroy the Lego Castle but we did enjoy the terrible coin shoving machine.
The balloon fights were fun and we didn't get naked but a little bit.
Later we played darts in the pub, which started life as the Chap's Collective Beer Workshop but ended up as the Ladies' Stompalong Therapy Workshop. This meant we got the house which was lovely and warm what with the fire in the lounge and the rain outside. We were drunk with power.

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