Saturday, 15 April 2017

Script Reader-Controller

groundlings theatre portsmouth stage school costume hireSaturday. Didn't fancy breakfast because it just gets in the way. My only real appointment of the day was the 3pm performance at the theatre so at 1pm I was presented with a plate of pasta which is all I ever wanted anyway.
I'd just been dropped off at work when I noticed that my drinks bottle had leaked all over my bag again. This makes everything sticky and 'orrible and I was not best pleased. I summoned Bud back from shopping and told him off. Here I am, partially in costume (I play Portly, a baby Otter - see the way I'm cute, slightly round and a really good swimmer) but without stage make-up: this is important for later.
Once that had been dealt with, the show could go on and I did my main scene and that's when we noticed a glaring absence. The lady who sits downstairs, listens to the performance on the baby monitor and reads through the script wasn't there. Of course her task is to follow where the players have got up to, and send up the next actors in time for their cues and scenes.
Without a competent manager doing this, it could all fall apart rapido so I stepped in and saved the day. I'm not needed for large parts of the play so I just stayed there, calmly took control, and told everyone when to go on and they listened to me and it all worked out fine! Not that I like telling people what to do, or anything. My selfless action enabled the whole shebang to go off without a hitch, Hurrah for Me!
sherman tank southsea portsmouth d-day museumThe house was a bit smaller today, 40 or so in the audience. Didn't stop them enjoying it.
Afterwards, I climbed up one of the tanks outside the D-Day museum for the next in the series of 'Otters Abroad'. So this time, I've got my stage make-up on, but no costume, the opposite of the first picture. To see the glorious ensemble, you'll have to come to the next performance!
Later there was chocolate aforethought and Harry Potter + Poisoner of Azkhaban. My honking great batch of duplicate coins (10 kg) sold for over £80 on a well-known auction site so I might get a few more with the credit. Bed slightly this side of the International Date Line, who's counting.

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