Saturday, 29 April 2017

Escape Plan

may fayre venue st marys fratton road portsmouthActually up at a sensible time and was force-fed scrambled eggs and bacon on toast, somebody has to do it.
Yesterday I brought home dreadfully important missives about sex education and the uniform list for my new school. This brings home the reality of change, it's no longer just something that will happen in the misty future. So I agreed to walk the route to see how long the daily commute will take: I predicted 30 minutes and Bud predicted 12.
Now, you can't just do one journey for one thing, you have to make a circuit that completes several tasks. My favourite action hero is of course The Right Reverend Arnoldius Schwarzenegger and I intend to have a wake for him the day he finally benches his last press.
So I was just scrolling through 'Best Arnie Movies' etc on Youtube when 'Escape Plan' came up, also starring another favourite, Sly Stallone. So we visited 3 charity shops to try and find it. It was supposed to be 5, but due to advanced urban decay, even the charity shops are closing: Age Concern and Barnardo's are no more.
burger fries with cocktail umbrellaWe walked home via the churchyard of the tower on my title page, above this post. And I said, when is the next May Beer Fayre here, because I can play laser-death with Ben and the JBs again. It's in 2 days, the beer tent is already up. Later, Bud visited a further 14 charity shops (would have been 15, but Aladdin's Cave has died) and came up blank so we bought Escape Plan on ebay for £2.15. Still, at least we made the effort.
Film night (after Minecraft afternoon - Minecrafternoon) was Conan the Barbarian (1982) with decent music and an early appearance by Sven, Killians' bodyguard from the Running Man and Voice of Darth Vader. When James Earl Jones and Madge Sinclair played King and Queen Jaffe Joffe in 'Coming to America', who knew they'd be back together playing Mufasa + Wife in The Lion King. Time to walk to school: 15 1/2 minutes.
After her 3-hour haircut, Jof made the effort to make supper in plant pots and tin mugs and the bottom-batting boards straight out of 'Animal House', and it was lovely. Please sir, can I have another?

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