Thursday, 27 April 2017

Misappropriation of Pig Eggs

power of prayer idiot failSchool is becoming one long drag towards the SATs (11+) exams. Due to this paucity of detail and some other factors, this blog will change format shortly. I did do my acting show'n'tell with my script and several pictures on the overhead.
But afterwards I was on this Minecraft server, right, and I opened some of the chests provided for people to store their winnings, and some weren't empty. Or locked.
So I acquired 2 chest-fuls of assorted goodies for no outlay apart from some effort. And like a true Pikey, anonymously auctioned off the Pig Egg-Spawners which you need to build a Pig Farm and fraudulently obtained about 13 grand from my nefarious activities, hooray.

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