Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Pif and The Blob

stagecoach bus company failToday we played a new game in ICT which is about coding. You control a blobby thing which moves around in a malleable environment and our task is to make our blob move erratically, as if running away. Then we have to spawn another blob and make it chase the first blob. And when Hunting Blob catches Evading Blob, they swap roles. Hide'n'seek sounds easy, but you try and code it.
And we discussed the pronunciation and meanings of the Swahili names in the Lion King as part of our African project. But my pick of the days' events was the re-ordering of our ICT, PE and French classes into P.I.F. May not seem much to you, but having French at the end made all the difference. All I need now is for French to be annexed by German, or similar.
And Grandad phoned to discuss the results of his graph-based homework. Even over the phone, he soon spotted that I'd misunderstood the equation and plotted an incorrect graph. I did it again. Talk about learning to read the question ...

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