Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Non-Linear Relationships

siamese cat smoking cigaretteAfter school, I met Jof and went for a haircut, for I have become a hippy with a blurred cranial outline and sideburns. Every time I go there, Bud tells me I can choose my own style and many styles are available etc. Once I tried one, but I didn't like it, and have stuck with good old Grade 2 since. So I chose wisely (or simply, it's easy to wash and dry) but somehow I was talked at by the ladies around me until I ended up with a Grade 8 on top, 4 sides, 2 neck.
2 linear graphs from simple equationsWhile being gently nudged into something I hadn't planned is a blatant infringement (aha) of my inhuman rights, there may come a time quite soon when styles and appearance matter more, so why not get some practise in.
Last time Grandad and I met, he taught me more about graphs and had me work out a matrix of Y values where Y = 2X + 1. Then I plotted the co-ordinates on graph paper and Lo, the relationship was linear. And I learned about axes, quadrants and the origin. Not my origin, that's biology.
Today I did my G-Dad homework which was of course to fill the matrix (not Schwarzenegger in Commando this time) for the equation Y = 4 - X and plot the graph. It was also linear but crossed the axes in different places and strode off to +/- infinity at a different angle. Jof didn't know what he was on about, but I worked it out anyway.

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