Sunday, 30 April 2017

Griefing, and Being Unfayre

I was up first. Not by much, but then I'm only a trainee teenager. Today is the middle day of the bank holiday weekend and as such, was full of rain and wind.
minecraft griefer stealing itemsThis predictably coincided with the fayre down on Castle Field (right next to the castle built personally by Henery the 8th I am I am) with the rides and the dog show and the heavy horse parade which is always really whiffy and we went there last year. And there was another fayre down by the big war memorial on the seafront, with the really tall rides and the ghost train and the hook-a-duck and the shoot-a-duck etc. And because of the freezing gales with sideways rain, there were only 37 people at both fayres, and they were all in the beer tent. I could see this coming and elected to spend the entire day griefing people on Minecraft, with only limited breaks for cake. I wandered from village to village, pillaging and stealing any items left by other players in unlocked booty chests. This is griefing, although I really only steal stuff, rather than demolishing buildings and wiping poo up the walls. OK, so I killed a few dogs and all the villagers, but my numerous booty-chests are very full, and all locked. It was only later I discovered I'd been banned from the server for griefing. Unfayre!

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