Monday, 10 April 2017

Groovy Channel 7

russian vodka fiend drunk failWoken at 9 something when my curtains mysteriously opened. While I am generally a happy soul, sometimes a dark cloud lurks in the background, and today had that cloud, in the form of a 10 1/2 hour rehearsal at the theatre. I like to tread the boards as much as anyone, but isn't this supposed to be a holiday?
So I demanded scrambled eggs with less butter but more cheese and we got to the theatre for 11. It was supposed to be 12, but they lengthened it. We discovered why, when the cameras from 'That's Solent' TV set up and filmed us doing our rehearsal. I have been on the BBC twice already so this is not new. I texted Bud and said watch Freeview Channel 7 tonight. Slight problem is, we don't get Freeview as part of our broadband and home entertainment package.
ship leopard bar restaurant boutique hotel the hard portsmouthI suppose to want something free when you spend however many hundred pounds a month on the service is asking too much. So we will have to harvest their Yourtube, Fartbook and Tweetle feeds to see my gorgeous face brightening the airwaves. Apparently it's like an American radio station beginning with KW, in that its transmitters beam the programmes as far as 30 miles, if you have a clifftop receiver.
So then it was lunchtime and we tried the Ship Leopard Boutique Hotel foodery and watched the diggers digging up the new bus station. They'd run out of tuna/mayo for the jacket potato so I had pepperoni pizza which was very cheesy and filled me up for the main afternoon session. The afternoon session was marred by Child B (it's always the same Child B) who dropped Maltesers all over the floor so that everybody crunched them into the gaps in the floorboards, happy rodents there. Downstairs there was a 2 hour meditation class - downstairs from 90 kids practising musical dance theatre. Just saying.
In the end us slightly younger actors were allowed to go home after only 9 hours instead of the original 10 1/2, giving me time to seek out Sydney on Skype. There were 2, one in South Dakota. I wonder which she is.

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