Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Hard Sloggi

stop sign snowdrift failWell, after yesterday I was a bit tired (not enough Minecraft) and had convinced myself that I was only going to have a 4 hour rehearsal today.
So when I discovered that my schedule was 12 noon till 8pm, that was ... difficult. So I made sure I mentioned 4 times that it would be a tough lengthy day and if it was to happen again, I would quit acting forever because nobody in their right mind would ever work for 8 hours a day, 2 days a week.
scout group quartermaster tent repairSo my slave presented me with a mixed continental fruit and protein breakfast and I Youtubed happily until Theatre time.
Additional: being in the Scouts means you really ought to co-opt your parent(s) into Scout Helpy-activities. So mine does procurement and acquisition and getting things, including in this case, fixing some Vango Alpha tents with broken tent poles. For a man who has never put up a tent, it's amazing how far you can get by reading the instructions.
groundlings theatre portsmouth schoolStandard lunchtime was reduced to 1/2 an hour and Bud met me with a picnic medley of easy-chomp foodstuffs on the decking in the sun. We did a few run-throughs of the performance and when Sydney got there after childcare it all got a bit better, not something I always admit.
On the way home we were most 1) aggressive 2) interactive 3) physical and 4) disruptive to the taxi driver but who's counting. So a game of who-can-molest-each-other-the-most turned into an invite to Skype and Minecraft on Murder-craft and Holy Poodles but within 5 minutes of getting back, we were talking to each other on Skype and playing with each other on Mine-murder-craft.
Now that's what I call peer-group teamwork. It had to be cut short due to supper and Matrix Revolutionary Film Night but now we have reached out to each other in cyber-space, I see the potential for so much more.

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