Friday, 28 April 2017


sunflasses fail crash into gate fenceHurrah for the Friday before the long weekend! Today, the teachers must have been in a good mood for some reason and we were allowed to have our PE lesson in the park.
OK, so it was a PE lesson so we still had to learn, rather than just run around and tread in dog poo and climb trees and play manhunt in the desolate wastelands of the municipal recreation ground and write rude words on peoples' gates and yeah whatever.
italian chocolate cake barSo we played Rounders and I got a Home Run and we played cricket and also had to do some athletics because the House Athletics-A-Thon is coming soon and we can't all have 'Fridge' Frazer on our team so we have to do stuff for ourselves.
And I took the Mother-Of-All-Handouts home which included the Notice-Of-Sex-Education and the uniform list for my secondary school, so quite large stuff actually, talk about pressure when you're only 11. Mostly I was intent on collecting my Daily Prize on the Minecraft Server but made time to meet a new chocolate bar Bud brought home from a [nice Iranian man who owns a late-night Kebab Shop] at his work.
This chocolate item is called Choco & Latte (Soffice merenda farcita al latte e con gocce di cioccolato extra) and is lovingly contained in a brown plastic wrapping like all the best surprises in the world. But as a Neophobe, I fear new items and tried it sparingly. Turned out, it was basically Swiss Roll, just unrolled and presented in flat rectangular format (as if legitimate businessmen had bribed the council to look the other way when they employed cheap foreign labour and stole all the cement) with 2 sturdy chocolate foamy sponge cake outer boundaries and a soft internal creamy lipid bilayer, rather good in fact. But Ye shall know it from its Italian makers - Balconi. Luckily it was balcony-shaped.

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