Thursday, 20 April 2017

Hide'n'seek in the Urination Rooms

white line painting on country road failFor a while there it looked like the only friends I'd spend the Easter break with were the ones posting Youtube videos about their Minecrafting experiences. But yesterday I crabbed with Sydney and today, Ben invited me over for a day of exploration.
They had recently explored one of the old forts which now houses the miniature village and rose garden, and I got to join in. We batted croquet balls at each other with giant wooden mallets where the heads kept falling off, and I got a flying croquet ball right in the leg. We explored thoroughly and hardly met anyone else apart from some teenagers rolling their own cigarettes and we discovered many hidden crannies, nooks, dens, bases and hidey-holes where you could quite easily have a wee and nobody would know, so we called them P-rooms and Urination Rooms.
I went home after 5 hours because my cheeks were pink and my hands were scratched and my Youtubers were lonely. Later I performed again onstage. The audience was tiny, and they were mostly parents. But I've only got 2 performances left, and one of them's with Syd, and the other is the Last Night, always well attended.

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