Monday, 24 April 2017


lion king cat falling off sofa funnySchool. Everybody's got to do it. So we had tests with Lego bricks as the reward for each correct answer with special blocks such as doors for 2-markers or 3-markers. It was still a test, however you dress it up.
And we got forewarning of a topic project - The Lion King. I have, of course, met the Lion King before, both on screen and onstage.
canoe lake southsea toilet stopWe are invited to audition for roles of varying sizes and I'm hungry for lines - I want to be the Line King, aha.
So I was very happy right up until I discovered that my doorkey was missing. No, I didn't check my bag this morning, not my job.
scout group badge for performanceClearly I have only 1 man to blame for this and sent 2 angry texts and 2 missed calls and then Bensmum picked us up and took us to Jabba the Beach Hutt where I had cheesy chips and we played Manhunt in the forest of unforgiveness and the toilets are miles away and I had lots of retribution to think about.
Yes, it does look like the swan is sitting on a bench. And then Bud picked me up and had found the keys in Jof's second handbag and all was forgiven and I went to Scouts. We played shooting-each-other-with-lava-balls and 2 Chief Scout Gold Award badges (the one I want) were handed out. I got the Scouts Entertainer badge for doing the 50 hours or so it took to complete the Wind in the Willows.

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