Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Opening Night

korean boy riding on child seat bikeI was looking forward to a short day with only a 5 hour rehearsal. Later, Skype and Minecraft Murder Mystery was on the cards with Sydney. But just as we were looking at the acting schedule, we noticed that it was opening night and I was doing the first performance. Nice!
The play itself is 2 hours long including the 20 minute intermission so technically actually, performance days will be shorter than rehearsal days. I'm in 7 performances (including an extra one where I'm covering for an absentee): what a way to earn a Scout Badge.
Getting to the theatre at noon, we asked when the lunch break was, and it was right now. So we walked to the Co-Op and I found some melon and sandwiches and soss rolls and I sat with 1000 twittering girls on the bleachers outside the theatre, in the sun.
For the first session we discovered who hadn't learnt their cue lines and dances and who had to be prodded from offstage when they forgot to move or speak or smile or do anything at all. A lot of it was Child B (it's always Child B).
But the relatively short Final Dress Rehearsal was over at 5 and I walked to the Hard and sat blinking in the sun watching ferries ferrying and pigeons trying to nick my sandwiches and Japanese tourists with cameras bigger than their heads and had a welcome break in different surroundings, it's not a bad old place sometimes. Some people tried to get me to go paintballing, but you know, busy.
picnic on steps hms warrior spinnaker tower
nikon b700 zoom shot of moongroundlings theatre portsmouth drama schoolAnd I wasn't nervous because I know all my lines and cues and songs and dances and my costume fits and I'm a veteran and old pro, really, so I insisted on going back early and buying some lottery tickets.
The performance was great and I was epic of course and we saw Badger for the first time because all along he's been the director. We listen for our cues downstairs on a baby monitor and one of the rabbits was shouting much louder than the rest, nobody fell off stage and we all got out a bit early because we were quicker. There were about 60 in the audience and tomorrow, I'll be one of them! I was pooped. So I sang the poop song (highlight of the show) and hit the sack at 11.

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