Sunday, 23 April 2017

Cube Luck

mystery cube magma blocks mojang minecraftI have had a busy old holiday. And it's only going to get worse at school with the 11+ exams coming up, and the trauma of moving to a new school after only 6 weeks of summer holidays.
So today I started a proper last-day-off with 11 hours of sleep, and a full English breakfast at the supermarket cafĂ© with Jof. OK, so I don't like baked beans but you can swap for an extra hash brown if you ask nicely. And while Jof was doing complicated extra shopping after the main shopping event had finished, I got myself a genuine Mojang Minecraft Mystery Cube (£4). I love a bit of Minecraft merchandise and know in my heart that geeks the world over buy up all of this stuff and sell completed collections for oodles of cash. Personally, I wanted the Villager With Anvil figurine (who wouldn't?) but got the Pyramid of 3 Lava Blocks. Or are they Magma. Look how big it is, nearly as big as me. Not bad for £4, in my mind.

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