Monday, 3 April 2017

A Pox on Mox

usa government snooping Drifted into the final week of term. We got our results back from the mocks from last week and I 'Exceed' Expectations in most areas but for some only got Great Expectations. Something to work on there.
For Monday Park we were without a Ben for reasons unknown so Robert and I went back to his house and watched dated comedy broadcast "The Goodies" in which grown men act the giddy goat which is how it should be. Johnny got back early from a trip to London to see some kind of religious shrine, temple, iconic triptych or similar. I got home at exactly 6pm having seen the text asking me to be home by 6. Perhaps punctuality is a heritable trait. In Scouts we had to search in the car park and Garden of Remembrance with torches to find lolly-sticks with our names on in Morse code. These talismans (not talismen) afforded us access to a Rolo Easter Egg, which we brought home in triumph.

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