Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Boss 'OCoole GG

russian vodka drunk funny fail
Today in school we were joined by a German exchange student. He spoke very good English but with a teensy-veensy bit off en eccent.
I was left detailed instructions about having a snack and being ready to be picked up by Sydney for acting. I managed it. Every good turn deserves another, and I have been justifying the new-found trust in my abilities to organize myself with efficiency and punctuality.
easter egg with sunglasses and cigaretteIn acting we did quite a lot of dancing which is not my strong point, but I do have a Sydney who is an accomplished dance tutor, now I can box-step.
Also we learnt some new songs (all original compositions by our singing teacher, so no royalties for the theatre to pay) and we met Toad for the first time. Well, he's one of our acting teachers but he does a very good leap.
Later, Blue group found one of the older actors sparko backstage having suffered a seizure. The Ambulance people declared him alive as he'd woken up.
Due to the upcoming Spring Fertility Festival Oestrus, we designed easter eggs and mine is a doggone cool righteous French dud with CIA sunglasses. Sadly fags (the burning tobacco ones, not the personal slave 3rd formers) are still deemed cool. Child A and Child B drew fags first, I copied from them: they got busted to the headmaster and I smuggled my leafy contraband out of the building in my sock.

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