Tuesday, 4 April 2017

A Tale of Two Testes (sorry, tests)

dumb dog useless fenceTesting times are ahead for all of us, sometimes long drawn-out testes, sometimes little mini testicles. And we get coaching from the teachers on how to read the question accurately and ignore distractions and not get into a huff or a flap or a tizzy when you don't know the answer to 14b.
And at home no doubt we all get criticism (you should be doing better) or veiled criticism (not bad ...) or passive-aggressive criticism (you disappointa da family) and actual help ranging from none to lots. And as if to prove these tests are for a purpose, Bud got 47/50 on something called a McQuaig Mental Agility Test at work today. I got 117/120 on MY test today, a much bigger number. But in both cases, reading the question is key, and when you look back over where you went wrong, you just can't believe how stupid you were, like this dog.

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