Thursday, 6 April 2017


russian unconscious drunk funny failFar too much sun for me to be stuck inside.
Anyway, Jof drove me to school because I had a period suitcase for the wartime evacuation re-enactment tomorrow.
School itself was overly dull with numerous repetitive tests and revisions and stuff. But then came the parents' meeting for the upcoming week-long trip to the zoo where we will be taking the place of some animals who need a holiday in a mammalian student exchange program.
kid gives school reportI have a very comprehensive kit list and rule list but our teachers visited the site a couple of weeks ago and took pictures and it all looks rather good. Like the residential trip to Stubbington, there are single-sex dormitory cabins with some snazzy showers and oodles of space for the promising activities including laser tag, shooting, archery and tunnelling. Food is apparently a speciality and we are predicted to fall asleep before 9pm having run around the 65 acres of paddocks and animal enclosures all day.
I recorded all details on my phone and when the parents got back I made a presentation based on the presentation I'd witnessed, with slide show, complicated hand movements and solid public speaking skills. Then I beat Jof up and had more luck than I did with Bud. She has strong legs but a toenail weakness which I viciously exploited.

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