Saturday, 31 May 2014

Rock, Paper, Explosion

electrical transformer anson road portsmouthUp much earlier today, practically still had a 10 in it.
Jof has to visit Nanna again and is not looking forward to it because Nanna doesn't really want to do much except complain and Jof gets enough of that from me. But she dutifully went off and left us alone again.
In desperation I went to the park but there wasn't anyone I knew apart from that fat Azram the bully and we just studiously ignore each other now so I left to admire the new and interesting graffiti on the walls of Specks Lane, by the football stadium. One of the artists is called 'Monk' and he clearly appreciates ladies of a certain shape.
Past there is an area of derelict abandoned land which is now full of weeds taller than me so we investigated a bit. It has an electricity substation and some vandals had kindly removed the door padlock so I went in for a look. There's a massive transformer and some heavy-duty fuses and stuff, you can hear it humming with power but I didn't fiddle with it, no coruscating fatal sparks for me.
police officers detaining teenagers for breaking and entering fenced compoundWe walked to the main road and looked in many shops but didn't buy anything.
This meant I could renegotiate (favourite hobby #16) and secured a promise to go to the Pyramids. But the Pyramids declare themselves to be closed due to flooding, so that one was out. I settled for messing about on the nudist beach so we cycled down there.
The old cold war listening station is a derelict shell by Fort Cumberland. I have hopped through magic holes in the fence on numerous occasions, but all we do is investigate a bit, take a picture and leave quietly, not drawing attention to ourselves. Clearly some naughty teenagers had not been following the Mungleton Code of Not Being Caught and were surrounded by Police officers, for breaking windows and stuff.
We did find a couple of easy access points but decided not to go in this time, for obvious reasons. There was only one nudist.
metal detectorist on shingle beach eastney in front of derelict cold war listening stationIt was high tide so we couldn't get to the waterfall, but we did check out the vast gaps and wholesale destruction the angry sea hath wrought upon the concrete sea defences. We took it in turns to throw half-bricks onto the rocks below in a limited but successful attempt to turn the sea pink.
That's when we found the metal detectorist. This affable chappie had found 2 bent and twisted .303 copper bullets so far (there used to be an old firing range nearby) and I asked if I could have a go. I found a lead bullet, very squished, and a few bits of ironwork until his battery ran out. I want a metal detector of my own, and not the toy ones, one like his where you can set it to "All metals" or "Coins" etc.

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